Monday, February 27, 2012

Garden Ornaments-Teapots and More

A collector lives here--there is always something of interest along the white fence. In February 2010, bike, boots, sundial, and more:

In September 2011, the teapot collection was featured:

In December 2011, the display was reduced to a welcoming flower pot, one tea cup, and a glass ball (but there is still a teapot motif):

Lest you think this creative person is merely a collector but not a gardener, take a look at these fine plants seen in the very well-kept garden in mid February: pink lungwort, a wee yellow winter aconite, and snow drops.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garden Ornaments--Not Going Anywhere

Plants are slumping on January 1 in this wheelbarrow without a wheel:

In May of 2009 a different wheelbarrow, again no front wheel, and my bike in the background.

Some bikes that are not going anywhere:

Would this canoe have a rotten bottom?
A car with a Washington plate came to a bad end in this Kitsilano front yard:
Fun for kids, and this one goes places:
This is fun for all ages. Situated on a heavily traversed block of Dunbar Street between the community centre and the public library is a picket fence with an irresistible button to press. The button gets the train to go somewhere (or maybe not). As late as early February, it kept trying without success to deliver its Christmas gifts, going round and round its petite manicured landscape and through the tunnel.

It's now February 19, and the gifts finally got delivered!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Garden Ornaments--Animals

These two brooding creatures are easy to spot in their gardens, but now try to find the fish, the rabbit, and the tiny raccoon.

These little creatures have a cozy home on a playful corner lot:

These two houses look cozy too. I'm surprised to see that someone lives in the blue house because it appears to have experienced one of our west-coast earthquakes.
And someone also lives in the pink house!

Sunday, February 5, 2012