Monday, November 10, 2008

Corner Garden with Wall

Probably one of the oldest front-yard vegetable gardens in the Dunbar area of Vancouver, this garden could well have existed before the authors of The 100 Mile Diet were born. When I spotted this garden one spring many years ago, the gardener shared some extra Romaine lettuce seedlings with me. The decorative cement block wall around the garden gives it a southern European feel, and that is echoed by what is seen growing here in October: tomatoes, celery, and escarole. Tomatoes are ripening under the plastic "roof" because in most areas of Vancouver, in order to avoid blight, it is necessary to protect tomatoes from rain in this way.


Mark Kreider said...

These gardens are an inspiration for me. We are thinking of expanding the very small area that we now use, but know how much work is involved especially to get started. I do put fish on the table which helps some. Looking closely, I think they are tying up their tomato vines the way we do with cut up nylons. They're the best!

Judy Davis said...

Janice, Your pictures of the gardens are just great to look at. That is something to still be eating out of your garden in November! Here we are watching for snow! What season is your favorite time to garden? Love,
Sister Judy