Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Newly Dug Boulevard Gardens

Much effort has been taken in digging these two new boulevard gardens, one on 36th Ave. and one on 11th Ave. The one being constructed as three raised beds will probably be for vegetables. The other one may be for pumpkins! Turning over the sod is no easy task. Photos taken April 5, 2009.

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Mark Kreider said...

Your Very Lazy Man's Garden

I can't remember where, but recently I saw an article about the easiest way possible to turn yard into garden. Bags of potting soil were laid down in the yard after poking holes through one side. The side facing up was cut off with a scissors leaving the sides of the bag intact and with a bit of a rim to keep the soil in. The raised bed garden is now ready to plant! It can host many, but not all, vegetables and flowers. Water normally. The poked holes provide good drainage. If one adds mulch weeding won't be much of a problem and will hide those unsightly bags and your laziness.