Monday, July 13, 2009

Rhubarb Solution

Everyone likes to see rhubarb emerge in the early spring, predicting warmer days and the promise of more growth in the garden. However, a rhubarb plant takes up quite a bit of prime space, and who has only one plant? More gardeners in the Dunbar and Point Grey area of Vancouver are moving their rhubarb plants out of their back vegetable gardens. The next photo shows rhubarb transplanted in the spring of 2009.

This sunny corner plot appears to have new transplants as well. However, the plants are smaller; perhaps the soil is not as good.

The next two photos show rhubarb as part of attractive boulevard plantings that include mostly flowering plants and bushes.

I've seen numerous rhubarb plants along the lanes--here is one example:

Lastly, the prize for the largest leaves goes to this gardener, who said the secret is lots of coffee grounds from Starbucks!


mkreider said...

In the fourth photo the rhubarb looks mature but is still green. Ours is like that too which bothered me until I looked it up and found that indeed, there are several green cultivars with their own very delicious tastes:

Paul Kreider said...

It's good to see rhubarb that transplanted so successfully with an obviously nice yield in the first season after. It reminds me to pick the last of my own this afternoon. We enjoy it cooked with some raisins and honey for sweetener.