Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vegetables and Flowers

Some years ago, the back yard of this house was included in a garden tour, part of the Salmonberry Days Festival in the Dunbar area of Vancouver. It was obvious to me that the gardeners were very knowledgeable. A few years ago, they dug up one side of their front lawn, landscaping it with interesting plantings. In May, I was surprised to see them dig up the entire front and construct a fence with a trellis, yet another re-design! But this time vegetables were included along with flowers. Even though it was a new garden, the gardeners' expertise showed in that it was attractive from the beginning. Perhaps because they have vegetables and grapes growing in the back, there is ample room in front to spare for flowers, making this mix of edibles and flowers so attractive.

In mid May the garden looked promising but a bit stark, with the structure finished but little planted:

By July, there was a complete transformation. Sunflowers peeked over the fence, and a squash vine was growing on the trellis. Outside the fence, the transplanted rhubarb was feeling at home, and colorful poppies abounded.

In mid September the squash plant revealed itself as a pumpkin, kale transplants had been set out near the front sidewalk, feathery asparagus could be seen in the background, and a large zucchini plant was made almost invisible behind the dahlias, sunflowers, and cannas.

All this was achieved on the north side of this bungalow.

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