Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boxing Day Harvest

This harvest from the backyard (apologies about it not being grown in the front yard) consists of green onions, two kinds of Swiss chard, mizuna, red Russian kale, mache/corn salad, parsley, marjoram, and a mystery green. We ate this as a salad with our vegan Boxing Day feast. (photo by J. Evan Kreider)


Judy Davis said...

Janice, What a neat thing to do - eat out of your garden a few days after Christmas! Not heard of in these parts! (Indiana)
Love, Sister Judy

Mark Kreider said...

Oh my, what wintertime bounty! Melt a cube of duck fat from the freezer, add two teaspoons of it to a saute pan, add minced garlic,toss the greens briefly (I think I'd chop and keep the scallion roots)then add a teeny bit of white wine, maybe a third cup of chicken stock and a dash of fish sauce, cover and steam for a few minutes, top with crisp bacon bits, smile.

Janice Kreider said...

Mark, This sounds very tasty, but first I have to find the duck. This harvest was on the minuscule side, but when there's more, I'm sure your suggested treatment of these greens would be well received in our house.