Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter in November

I'd been intending to do a blog on winter gardens, but I expected a greener more alive scene. La Niña struck the west coast with an early snow cover for Vancouver. The tomatillo plant in my boulevard garden was just beginning to drop ripe fruit, and now this...

The zucchini still had 1-inch zucchinis; it's now over for them. The kale will probably be OK despite temperatures not going above freezing for days.

The parsley is nowhere to be seen, so it's good to have the little marker for it!

The weather is a bit backward; as you can see, the snow came before the leaves fell.

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Mark Kreider said...

Brrrrrr... think it's going to be a long snowy winter! No snow out east yet though it's well below freezing. Imagine our surprise arriving home from Florida to find the fall planted lettuce, arugula and spinach thriving. SALAD! One can't beat greens after typical Thanksgiving dishes.