Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 new plots on 11th

West 11th Avenue in the Point Grey area of Vancouver is rife with front yard vegetable gardens. This one may be inspired by the next door neighbour's front yard vegetable garden of many years, which you can see bits of in the background on the left. It appears that plants are from another gardener or a store, rather than from seed. Some land is left to plant the warm weather plants when the weather gets better.

This new boulevard garden looks as if will prove quite successful. I like the design of the angled corners at the centre because they give the gardener more space to move about, and they simply look great. The brick path is a nice touch as well.

Why waste a south-facing garage door that is not being used? These folks built a trellis and a box and planted peas.


Kristy Gardner said...

These are so great! I had no idea such clever people lived in Van. Sometimes I think all this urban gardening business is an Island thing - so I love that Vancouverites are using their space effectively... and for me, affectively!

I just started my own front yard garden and am documenting it at my blog - if you ever come to Victoria you're welcome to come take photos of my yard! haha...

Janice Kreider said...

Kristy, You've begun an ambitious vegetable plot! I don't know when I'll get over to Victoria, but I'd love to photograph it. You should have lots of goodies to cook with.