Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's Growing in December?

The days are lengthening! With the current warmer spell, after the freezing weather in November and early December, some plants are looking more alive. Things to look for in these photos of front yard, boulevard, and lane gardens all taken in the Dunbar and Point Grey area of Vancouver: winter protection (or not), carrots, chicory, kale, kale, kale, cabbage, leeks, rye grass cover crop, green and red mustard, mâche, Brussels sprouts, radicchio, a blueberry bush, poppy seedlings.
This garden is known for nary a weed, but with the repetition of plants, I'm beginning to suspect that a fancy restaurant gets those tender greens.
A closer look at the radicchio:I know that this front-yard garden is a market garden:
And so is this large productive one, on the south-facing slope at the corner of Blenheim and West 41st Avenue, only a small portion of which is shown here:

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Mark Kreider said...

I rejoice as the days lengthen and plants wake up. We've had many days warmer than usual for this time of year but yesterday the high was 12F. The spinach and salad greens are doing well in the greenhouse. I was worried as we'd been gone for two weeks... yea!