Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Detroit, Part 3

Hope Takes Root is a community garden in the North Corktown neighbourhood. It is one of the older community gardens in the city, originally started in a different site and in its current location since 2002.
This structure collects rain water, essential in the summer.
Hoops, not in use right now, with the water structure in the background.

I liked this creative metal gate.  Beyond it is their bee hive project, helpful to all nearby gardens.  Click here for a video on their active bee hives 
Hope Takes Root, again!
A variety of things are grown here, hops, the usual vegetables, and even apples!

Bikes are a practical way to get around in this depopulated neighbourhood that is lacking the public transit a more populated area would require.  We saw bike racks like these in this garden as well as in a number of other places.
Watch for Detroit, Part 4!

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