Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creating a Boulevard Garden

Changes began to to the western end of 31st Avenue on February 8 when the the grass along the sidewalk and curb was dug out. Some of the dug-up sod was placed upside down in the middle to form a slightly raised bed. Cardboard was sourced in a nearby alley and placed over the site in order to discourage the grass from growing. A few leaves were scrounged to partially camouflage the cardboard and to provide additional organic matter. The area awaited the next dramatic phase.

On February 11, a city truck delivered a hot and steamy load of their compost to the block; one-half of it was dumped here.

Over the following weekend, the next door neighbours decided to create a boulevard garden, too.

Now there is a great big blank slate!


Mark Kreider said...

As Amy said looking at these photos, "there's so much promise in that black dirt". This year we've started our tomatoes more or less on time including sprouting some Black Russian seeds that we got when in Vancouver 2 years ago. Though still small compared to many, we're planning to triple our growing space this season to accommodate salad greens, some vegetables and cut flowers. Last year's bed is tilled and ready to go.

It will be most interesting to see the progress in this new boulevard garden!

Anarchore said...

"City compost?" You trust that?

Heather said...

I look forward to future posts on the progress. I love a blank slate.

Janice Kreider said...

That is a pertinent question about city compost. I got it once before. The good thing is that it doesn't harbor weed seeds or pests. The bad thing is that it's basically "dead", i.e., there's little life in it. However, mixing it with even a small bit of organic matter gets things going. For growing veggies, I really prefer my back-yard compost, California poppy seeds and all because I know what went into it.