Saturday, April 3, 2010

Winter Vegetables

After returning from a week in the mid-west U.S. (OH/IN/PA), I realize why no one believes that vegetables can grow over the winter in Vancouver. It's not California here, but we can eat some things, mostly greens, from our gardens. On January 30, I spotted beets and what I think is arugula in the front yard garden that is growing veggies to sell:

The same day, I saw chard and kale in this front-yard garden.
On February 5, I spotted this plot near a sidewalk--perhaps these red-leaved plants are edible.
The raised beds in this front-yard garden have the ubiquitous kale, plus garlic. Note that the residents are expanding with two more raised beds to the left and to the rear. Photo taken on February 14.
Looking like a logged-over forest, this plot of kale plant stems was spotted on February 21:
Darkness descended on February 21, so I had to use a flash to get this photo of the lane garden that got into trouble with the city government because the garden encroached onto the lane. Everything got resolved, and growing continues. See blog of September 2, 2009.
If you're not too tired of seeing are the two popular varieties, the Russian Red in the foreground and Lacinato in the background, on February 28.
Here is what happens when you don't eat the Lacinato kale! Seen in a southern exposed front yard on March 7.
Here is what happens when you forget to dig up garlic, seen on March 29.
Also on March 29, I saw this Swiss chard plant; unlike kale, not all Swiss chard plants survived the Vancouver winter.
Broccoli in March? Yes, this is purple sprouting broccoli, a nice change from all that kale!
A salmon berry bush, a native plant, growing in a boulevard garden cheers passers-by with its sparse but lovely blooms.

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