Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cottonwood Community Garden

I didn't really need this sign to the Cottonwood Community Garden open house on July 11. I knew that I was at the correct spot when I saw white fluff from the tree covering everything, in this photo adding more mulch to the straw mulch!
The garden is situated next to some non-green industrial land. Think about all those hot and barren roofs. The garden has recently developed a new section with "really" raised beds for persons using wheel chairs or otherwise having difficulty in bending down.

There were countless photo opportunities, but I'll limit this blog to a small selection. Here is a typical scene although nothing is typical in community gardens--too many strong gardening personalities!

Not all is abound. I liked these poppies.

Oops, these are chicory flowers. Everyone is going to have chicory in their plot next spring.

What a relaxing spot! But perhaps it's a bit too relaxing...morning glories were twining all over the plot, likely not appreciated by gardeners in the neighboring plots. Community life, like gardening, can have its ups and downs.
Next blog will cover the open house on the same day at the nearby Strathcona Community Garden.


SixBalloons said...

Did you get a chance to purchase any of that local honey?

Janice Kreider said...

Honey is good, but I eat very little of it, so, no, I did not purchase any, but it's very important for people to have bees. Perhaps you are one of those persons.

Mark Kreider said...

The highly raised garden beds look so inviting! I like the footstool in front of the chair.