Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Strathcona Community Garden

Along with nearby Cottonwood Community Garden, Strathcona Community Garden also had an open garden on July 11. The sign pointing the way emerges from a thicket of blackberry bushes and morning glory.
This community garden has existed longer than the Cottonwood one, and the plots seem a bit larger. This plot is neatly cared for and productive.

Carpenter skills have provided a diamond-shaped structure for Swiss chard, all set in a larger plot with a low fence.

Vancouver's warm weather hadn't really begun, so milk cartons filled with water help warm up the tomato plants.

Gardeners are always changing things--this appears to be a plot under development. Or perhaps there are new gardeners for this plot.

An area given over to flowers--

I caught someone harvesting their garlic.

I had to severely restrain myself from picking these Alpine strawberries. They are the best!

Back to the wild, a space that runs alongside the gardens, this time a marshy area, rather than the blackberry bushes and morning glory that were near the sign to the garden. Retaining wild areas in an urban area is crucial in many ways.

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Laura said...

What a beautiful garden! It's neat to peek in on such an established community garden.

I'm impressed with your self control, Alpine Strawberries are fantastic. A problem that has lead to 4 bushes of them in my yard :)