Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Courageous Boulevard Garden

In this small city in middle America, in the midst of productive agricultural land, at least one intrepid individual grows vegetables on the boulevard/curbside of the city's main street. Perhaps the person is a renter who is not allowed to grow vegetables in other parts of the lawn. I did not get a photo in 2009, but there were zucchini or squash plants grown there then. This photo is from July 29, 2010. Click on the photo to see the corn stalks.
Is there production? Note the pumpkin...

The plants literally spill out onto the busy highway, State Route 15 through Goshen, Indiana.
There is a mysterious blue sign "81". Perhaps that has something to do with permission to grow something other than grass in this spot. Does anyone know?


Laura said...

What a sight to see! I'm amazed the city doesn't hack it back to the curb (at least) but good on the individual for trying something different!

Mark Kreider said...

I must have driven past this curb garden several times and simply never noticed it. Good eye!