Thursday, September 16, 2010

Collingwood Street Garden

Taking a walk along Collingwood Street, it's a pleasure to come across four raised beds between the sidewalk and street because they are so attractive, with both flowers and vegetables. The raised beds are constructed with one-inch boards, a cheaper alternative than two-inch boards; I'm also using some one-inch boards in raised beds in my back yard and wondering what their life span will be, maybe 8-10 years?

Here's a good-sized squash (along with a fall mushroom), and as of early September, a pea pod was still growing.


rain said...

that's inspiring. thank you! i'm over on denman island and there's little effort to plant publicly, i guess because people have so much land, compared to urbanites. it's nice to see the beauty of food where people used to just put grass or flowers!! i've done a permaculture design course and i'm am blogging about my journey with it:

Janice Kreider said...

Rain, Your blog is packed with such great information! I'm envying your SW exposure and the amount of land you have to work with. To everybody--Rain's explanations of how useful cardboard is make it worthwhile to take a look at her blog.