Monday, September 6, 2010

A Hot Garden

I recently revisited a children's boulevard garden that was new last year, growing pumpkins and sunflowers. (The blog of August 9, 2009 shows the colorful "namestones" that the children made to decorate their garden.) This year, the pumpkin vines are slinking over to the street, and there is the addition of corn to the plot.

If you look carefully, beyond the corn, you can see a couple of black disks.

These recycled vinyl recordings that have been decorated by the children and planted in their 2010 garden!
The summer got a bit hot for this vinyl!


Mark Kreider said...

Aren't kids great? They've found yet another use for a petroleum product, vinyl, going to waste.

Laura said...

Sad to see that it melted on them, it was very cute! What a fantastic boulevard garden! I love anything that gets the kids involved like this!