Saturday, October 2, 2010

Backyard Bounty Market

Very little prevents me from shopping at the UBC Farm Market on Saturday mornings, but instead on Saturday, September 25, I took part in a local market in the vacant lot at the corner of Dunbar Street and 18th Avenue. This first-ever event in our neighbourhood featured vegetables and fruits grown in the Dunbar area and was sponsored by the Dunbar Village Harvest Festival. The proceeds of several hundred dollars will go to flood relief in Pakistan.

Volunteers getting set up:

Grown at a volunteer's home behind St. George's Senior School (two kinds of apples, oregano, potatoes, and sorrel):

More produce:

The sprouting broccoli seedlings blur with the strong winds on that sunny day.
These heritage Wolf River apples were grown at a Dunbar resident's second home on Salt Spring Island.

Dunbar Transition (part of the Village Vancouver Transition Initiative) had tables with books, non-disposable lunch pails, and a sign-up sheet for email.

And chickens of course!
Are we ready for the 10-block diet yet?

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Mark Kreider said...

Good food for a good cause, can't beat it. I want those chickens.