Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twin Raised Beds

Two neighbours on West 16th Avenue coordinated their efforts in constructing identical raised beds in their front yards, but what they are growing differs. One has constructed a trellis for runner beans and there are leeks or onions, perhaps more.

The other has kale, tomatoes, chard, beans, and perhaps a blueberry bush.

These are the first raised beds that I've seen made from 4x4's. For those of you who are builders, here is a detail of the corner. These sturdy beds should last a long time.

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Mark Kreider said...

Nicely done. I like the tidy look. We may want to raise our beds in the next year or so as our flexibility isn't what it was. It won't be too hard as we can just add more lumber on top and fill. Our garden is still producing, but with temperatures sometimes in the 40s at night it might not last much longer. It's a shame as the tomato plants are blooming and there are lots of green ones yet to ripen