Monday, September 19, 2011

The Corn Craze

I grew up surrounded by fields of corn. Corn thrives in hot muggy weather, with a heavy humid haze. People don't thrive that well; your hair goes limp, you lose your energy, and you can't take enough showers. The combination of 90 degrees F and 90% humidity is great for corn. That kind of weather does not happen even in Vancouver's hottest summer. But people like corn and try to grow it in this cool coastal city.

It's always worth taking a peek at this consistent and neat garden right on Dunbar Street. (for more on that garden, see the Jan. 13, 2010 blog). On July 31, I spotted their great-looking corn.

On my walk to do shopping on Dunbar, I usually pass by this front garden. The following 3 photos of the growing corn were taken on July 7, July 22, and September 17.

This side-yard garden along Wallace Street has grown corn for the last two years. This summer must have stressed out the one stalk that developed its ear so close to the ground!
Last September followed a better summer, and the corn crop was taller.Going back in time, this is how tiny the transplants looked on June 8, 2010. Can you see them?

In early September a friend took a photo of this plot of corn growing near Van Dusen Gardens, in a neighbourhood with few front-yard-vegetable gardens. The corn looks great! These gardeners must have applied some nitrogen.

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