Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Boulevard Statement

This is the third year that this brave young mother has organized a garden on the boulevard for children. For previous years, see the August 9, 2009 blog entry and the September 6, 2010 entry. This venture is brave because it is more like something that would be seen in the more casual and creative Kitsilano area, than in this Southlands area of Dunbar, which has few front-yard vegetable gardens, let alone one that has children's art blowing in the wind. The other interesting thing is that the most expensive house for sale in the Dunbar area of Vancouver (as far as I know) is on this very block, $5,380,000.


Steve said...

What an inspiring garden! I'm spotting more and more gardens myself now that I'm watching out for them.

Kristy Lynn said...

absolutely gorgeous! we need to take back more public spaces like this woman has done!

MacGyver's Lovechild said...

Always love visiting your blog Janice!