Sunday, June 17, 2012

Even More Boulevard Raised Beds!

A house on the corner of Dunbar Street has created two new raised beds on the boulevard between Dunbar and the lane, and they are already planted with promising plants.
Crossing the lane, I came across two more new raised beds on the boulevard.  This house probably lost some green space due to building a laneway house, so they have now put their southern exposed boulevard to a good use; as well, it is beautifully done.  Note the trellis, the wires that mark out the beds by "square foot", and the marigolds that may scare off some insect predators.

Even two photos cannot do justice to the attractive design of these new raised beds just across the street.  It is also a practical design because it allows ample access from a parked car.  The owners have just begun with planting.

On the same block, someone is growing vegetables, tomatoes, peas, lettuce, right in front of their south-facing house.
So...with three new raised bed configurations and one maybe new front yard vegetable patch all in one block, this is another HOT mini area for growing vegetables!  It must be contagious.

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