Friday, January 23, 2009

Artists' Garden in Hoquiam, WA

This amazing garden has been created by two artists; they work in painted ceramics and metal with a collaborative business called Gumaelius Studios. The first photo shows their self portrayal on a sign that is attached to the chimney. The location is Hoquiam, WA, about two hours by car west of Seattle and 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean. The climate is coastal, mild and damp year around (even more so than Vancouver), permitting vegetables to flourish as late as November 22 when these photos were taken. The front yard has some non-edibles such as rhododendrons, but most of the land is devoted to vegetables. A peek into the north-facing back yard showed thick clover along with a greenhouse containing ripening tomatoes. The large sculpture is striking and a practical support for growing fennel. Note the metal "hoops" that define the borders of the garden and that allow plants to grow vertically on strings.

Two vegetables that thrive in the fall are shown in the next two pictures: mizuna (a type of Japanese mustard) growing in a clump, and the purple sprouting broccoli providing interesting color contrast. The last photo shows a thriving artichoke and creeping thyme, attempting to cover up the brick walkway.

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Mark Kreider said...

Some folks are creative in so many ways, from expanding their home and building a greenhouse extension to creating forms that aid plant growth and save space. The plants they chose to grow strike me as creative as well.