Monday, January 19, 2009

Vegetables Growing (?) in January

No, it's not a leek--it's a garlic, still alive after being covered by the heavy December snowfall. The size is small, so the five garlic plants can barely be seen in the next photo.

Mizuna and parsley are still alive but a little floppy in these raised beds in a south-facing corner lot. The next two photos show the "spinach lover's garden", now nearly snow-free. Note the raised rows mulched with finely chopped leaves. I wonder what will be planted there.

The "Intensive Front Garden plus Boulevard", the 2nd oldest entry in this blog, has kale emerging from the snow pile on the boulevard.
Thick fog for over a week prevented the snow from melting in their front garden despite its southern exposure. The tall Brussels sprouts probably escaped being completely covered by the snow. Note the handmade bamboo fence.
This leafy green vegetable appears to thrive in the snow. Does anyone know the name of it? It's the same plant as in the "Sunny Lane Garden".

The first dandelion of the season!! Found near the front of a house on West 16th Avenue.

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