Monday, January 12, 2009

Growing Corn

Vancouver does not have the ideal climate for growing corn, yet this garden in East Vancouver has an entire border of corn in its front yard, still looking surprisingly green on November 20.

On December 7, I spotted these brown cornstalks in the front yard of a house on the west side of Vancouver. There appears to have been a vegetable garden here. A more fastidious gardener would have removed the stalks, but that would have prevented the view of the corn stalks in the snow of December 24.


Mark Kreider said...

I've just become aware of a quarterly magazine called
Edible East End having to do with farming, gardening, wine cooking etc., all local to the east end of Long Island. I've since found out that the Edible magazine is in many locations, one of them being Vancouver! You may well have been aware of it, but if not, here is their web site:

Won't be long 'til spring!

Janice Kreider said...


Thanks for this info--I did briefly see a copy in someone else's hands, but I'll have to pick up an issue for myself soon as it looks very interesting.