Saturday, May 22, 2010

Metamorphosis--from Mud to Meals

Along the front sidewalk is a colorful border of various plants and stones in this photo taken on April 22, camouflaging what may be happening behind it. I first noticed that this garden was undergoing a change last fall when the grass disappeared, and two apple trees were planted. The 6th photo on the blog of November 17, 2009 shows one of the apple trees with a yellow tag and a muddy-looking front yard.
Then intricate pathways of a contrasting mulch, and markings for plants were created, for what may very well be vegetables because of the short rows. The tiny areas will be easy to weed and harvest. Some plantings took place by mid-April. On the second photo, you can see the "whip" of one of the apple trees.

Maybe getting weary of all those dandelions, this gardener has decided to take on the additional project of removing the grass on the boulevard! The second photo shows the progress as of April 28. That may be another fruit tree, too. More on this (hopefully) edible garden later!

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Aerelonian said...

It always great to see the transformation of empty lawn/mud into gardens.