Monday, May 3, 2010

A New Boulevard Garden with Vegetables

These avid gardeners have had plantings on the boulevard for many years, but in March 2010 they began a bold expansion to establish a garden on the entire boulevard across 1.5 lots in cooperation with their experienced neighbors. Two huge piles of soil are ready to be dispersed:

After much labor, the boulevard was leveled but not quite a blank slate due to the pre-existing plants (including a native salmon berry bush). However, an appreciably increased space for growing sun-loving plants has been created.

A few days later, cheerful flowers appeared, edging the beds.

With these hilled-up rows, it appears that vegetables will be planted.
Work over the weekend resulted in the transplanting of zucchini and carefully labeled rows of onions and other vegetables.

This new boulevard garden is definitely both a neat and attractive addition to the landscaping of this block.


Edible Vancouver said...

What a fantastic idea. We envision a day when all Vancouver boulevards are growing food and bee habitat.

Laura said...

What a wonderful thing to find! I'm always amazed at what can be done with limited space. What better way to get neighbor's out and talking than a vegetable garden.